5 typhuong12

Jean is a very friendly and helpfully person. She talk very sweet. She help to answer all my question about real estate. She did explain for detail and clearly question on buying a house.

5 Mitzi Green

Jean and Marc are great people and great agents. They were very helpful in helping know the market in the Boston area.

5 Lisa Mary

I had the pleasure of working with Jean and Marc recently….The “dynamic duo” found me my new home on the south shore, where I had been looking for a while. I am an empty nester, and therefore needed to scale down.

They listened to my needs, and provided me with a most wonderful experience. I will certainly recommend them in the future.

Thank you Jean and Marc!!

5 jenree14

Jean and Marc worked very hard for me and gave me good information for buying a condo. I would highly recommend them to anyone from first time to repeat buyers. Pleasure working with them.

5 redmax111

We are looking to relocate and Marc and Jean did a great job listening to our needs and showing us homes on the South Shore/Greater Boston area and we are very satisfied with their services and would highly recommend them.

5 chris339

Jean and Marc Plourde are the consummate real estate professionals. They are knowledgable, hard working, honorable and do exactly what they say they are going to do; a rarity in today’s age. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Chris Georgopulo

5 kdksf

Jean and Marc did a great job going over my needs and wants in a new home. It was a pleasure dealing with them and highly recommed them. They understood my apprehension about making a move, and were able to smooth the way as much as is possible in the process of moving to a new home.

5 user7376366

In meeting with Jean and Marc, I can honestly say that they are a pleasure to work with. They are knowledgeable, courteous and very friendly. I felt from the first time we spoke that they care about my interests and have worked diligently in helping me through the process. Not only did I find a great team or Realtors, but I am certain I also received a long lasting friendship.

5 user165285

My wife and I are in the market of looking for another home and are so grateful to be working with Marc Andre and Jean. We couldn’t have found a better team to help us in our search. Although we are now narrowingt our search we can honestly say that Marc Andre and Jean were very patient with us, More important than that, they knew not to waste anybody’s time by showing us homes that we would take a pass on. Very warm people, and skilled at what they do. Always quick to return our phone calls and give us their honest opinion. We would highly recommend them!

5 user965689

Jean and Marc are the most honest real estate agents I have ever dealt with. They are a pleasure to work with. I will definitely use them again in the future and most importantly, recommend them to friends and family. Jean and Marc go above and beyond to make us happy including responding to our questions and emails right away up until late at night. Thanks again.

5 Amy982

As a first-time home buyer, Jean and Marc Plourde are a great team to work with. They were extremely knowledgeable about the market, both pricing and the legal issues to deal with when purchasing a home, as well as the neighborhood I was interested in. They are very honest people and also a lot of fun to view homes with!! They were the best realtors in helping me purchase my first home in Boston. They sorted through countless condos for me which is not an easy task and were always quick to respond to my excessive questions. They also made me feel they genuinely wanted me to find the perfect home and were not pushing me to make any hasty decision just to make a sale. Highly recommend! Thank you Jean & Marc!!!

5 user9870835

Jean and Marc were excellent agents to work with. As a first time home buyer they were great in explaining everything to me and sending me info to read up on. They were very knowledgeable about the location I was looking in and the market and were quick to answer all of my emails. I was very lucky to find them and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home.

5 lujiao

I am new to the property market. But I am very lucky to have Jean as my realtor. She is the best real estate agent I have ever seen.

She explained everything I need to know and she is very attentative to customers’ needs and very responsive.

She also has this unflinching spirit and never gives up in pursuing my interest. I had been looking for a suitable place for a while. She had been tirelessly assisting me all along. I can not remember how many properties we had seen. She always says “I want you to find the best place you are comfortable with”.

Once I found a place I was happy with, she was on the front line to negotiate the best price for me. For Jean, the client’s interest is always put to the first place. If there is anything I need, Jean was pretty much just a phone call away no matter weekends or weekdays, holidays or working days.

If you ask me who I go to for my next purchase, I would definitely go to Jean. Why wouldn’t you, you stick with the best!

5 user666294

I would highly recommend Jean and Marc! We were looking to build a house and they were showing us some lots in the area of our interest. They were very knowledgeable about the location, latest price trends and possibilities to negotiate the price. Even though we ended up not building a house at that time, it was not their fault – they clearly have had all options explored. We were getting a response from Jean and Marc almost immediately – a rare thing in a real estate world. It was a pleasure working with them.

5 user3259317

Jean and Marc were simply amazing, they work extremely hard to find the perfect home for my family. They have an extensive knowlge in the real estate business and are great negotiators. Communication was great, everytime I had a question Jean and Marc would call or email instantly.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell their homes or property. I will definitely call them in the future when I ready to sell or buy a new home.

5 user1059427

Jean and Marc are great Realtors. They showed us as many homes as we wanted to see and on our schedule. They never pressured or rushed us and they were always ready and wiling to answer any questions that we had.

They have extensive knowledge about Real Estate and the markets we looked in. They really helped guide us through the whole process from start to finish, what purchasing a home entails, the step by step process, and were great with reminders.

They really know the true meaning of customer service. Jean and marc wanted to be sure we would love the home we would purchase and their first priority was our overall satisfaction.

Highly recommend Jean and Marc to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

5 MariaConstanza

They were amazing. Jean and Marc listened to what type of home we were looking for. What stood out to me, was that they were willing to go where we were looking for property. They me we hesitated. They also made sure that the sellers were not pulling a fast one on us, and that was great! As if they were really there for YOU. I liked that. We developed a rapore where her thoughts and concerns meant a lot to us and we wouldn’t move further until they said it was ok. Vice versa. Overall, they are thre for you, which is what we need in this type of market! We now have a home that we love, thanks to them!

5 Kenna518

I have been contemplating buying a new home for a while and during my search on Zillow I received a response from Jean and Marc after showing interest in a home. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. Jean and Marc were great! Extremely responsive and just made me feel comfortable. I never felt pressured throughout the process and they just wanted to do a good job. They did more than a good job, they did a great job and I am so thankful to them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking in the Boston area. Thanks so much Jean and Marc!!!

5 rjm137

Jean & Marc are a wife & husband tag team who just helped me with purchasing my first home. They complement each other — initially one of them will take over the reins and the other will fill in the missing details as necessary. They also switch roles depending on how your home buying process evolves from start to finish. I think it’s a strategy they deliberately use to give you the most professional and seamless service. They are very thorough, persistent and always on top of things that need immediate attention. There were times when I felt a little overwhelmed by redundant emails and phone calls, but in the end I appreciated all of that — it was all for the better. All in all, I am very happy to have worked with them.

Raz Magar

5 user7819099

Jean and Marc Plourde provided excellent real estate service and expertise to me when I purchased a home in Quincy. Their knowledge of the entire process, including financing and inspection, was impressive and very helpful. In addition to being highly professional and prompt for every appointment, Jean and Marc were extremely responsive to inquiries and questions from me, the seller’s agent, and my lender. Furthermore, even though I hired a real estate attorney to draft the closing documents, Jean and Marc’s attention to detail and diligence in reviewing the documents were second to none. Although I have no plans to move in the near future, when/if I do, I certainly will use Jean and Marc again. I would also recommend them to my friends without reservation.

5 Dudethecat

It was my first time buying a house. I felt that Jean and Marc were on top of everything.They guided us very well and knew exactly where we were about to have difficulties to either avoid them or ease the problems. They are very knowledgable, and you really feel that they are working for your best interest. In the same time, Jean and Marc are very friendly.

5 user053639

Jean and Marc were great to work with! They were professional, and made our experience as first time home buyers very enjoyable. I always felt that they had our best interest in mind when helping us find our home. They were patient with us, and answered all of the many questions we had. If they didn’t know an answer, they would find it! They worked extremely hard to help us find our house, and listened when we said what we wanted or didn’t want. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home, they are great people and very friendly as well!

5 user07161272

As a sales person myself, I set very high expectations for people that I work with that are selling me something. Jean and Marc were EXCEPTIONAL realtors and my husband and I were lucky to work with them on the purchase of our dream home. Their responsiveness and knowledge were superb and helped us close in about one month time – which is unheard of when buying a home! They were truly on our side throughout the entire process and made sure our needs were being met and our best interest was always top priority. 6 stars for both Jean and Marc – you would be lucky to have them on your side with the purchase of any home!!!

5 user9682983

Jean and Marc helped us with our first home in Quincy, MA. There are very responsive to your questions, needs and interests without being pushy or over bearing. They have excellent connections with lawyers, banks and mortgage brokers which is very helpful in expediting the process.

If you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned veteran I would recommend Jean and Marc! You won’t be disappointed!

5 user04429803

They were extremely responsive and were able to get us showings very quickly. We looked at multiple listings and then were able to make a informed decision. We got the house we wanted at the price we wanted.

5 soxfanferraro

Jean and Marc were an excellent choice for my home buying experience. The amount of knowledge and professionalism they bring could not have made this potentially stressful endeavor any easier for me. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering the purchase of a new home.


I would highly recommend Jean and Marc Plourde to everyone. I was a first time homeowner and they were extremely helpful and explained each step of the process and made it less stressful. Thanks to them we found our dream house!

5 alphaxzone

Jean and Marc are superb realtor agents on many levels. My wife and I have tried another realtor agent before and the difference is NIGHT and DAY. The last agent before Jean and Marc was very lazy and indifferent to our needs. However, Jean and Marc will work very hard and go the extra mile to learn about their client’s needs and make all the effort to satisfy them. They are very aggressive, but in a very good way.

Even if the client does not know what he or she really wants in a home, Jean and Marc has done an excellent job helping us learn the do’s and don’ts, what materially matters and what does not (aside from personal preference). Let’s face it, most people don’t really know what they want when they are shopping for a home for the first time. Jean and Marc really help us through the process, step by step, from search to closing. They will prod you (respectfully, of course) and ask you questions throughout the search process (Sounds too much? You’ll be very THANKFUL in the end). They want to make your you are happy with what you want. After all, home is your biggest investment. They are very aggressive and they will on top of everything and constantly provide updates and reminders , and they will negotiate with the other party to lower the price as much as possible (assuming you’re the buyer).

Before my wife and I bought our first and current home, we didn’t know anything about home buying, but we know an exceptional person/team when we see one. If you’re reading this review, you may have noticed a word I repeated more than once, aggressive. In my honest opinion, you’re do not want an agent who is anything but aggressive!

We recommend Jean and Marc to anyone who is looking to buy a home (or sell one!).

5 zuser20140331174032736

Jean and Marc were highly professional and great to work with. This was my first time buying a property so I had a lot of questions and needed a lot of things broken down for me. They took the time to explain everything in detail and really made me feel at ease. They were extremely responsive and showed me the properties I wanted to see at my convenience. You can tell they have a lot of expertise and experience by the answers they gave me and how they their recommendations helped me purchase my condo. I would rate them 6 stars if I could, but this site only allows 5. If I am to sell my condo in the future I would definitely use them, but for now I am really excited that they helped me buy my first home.

5 DominickFerrara

Jean and Marc helped my partner and I in our search for a condo/town house. While ultimately we decided to delay our purchase, the level of service and professionalism we experienced from the Plourde’s was outstanding. When we do decide to reconvene our search, Jean and Marc will most definitely be our choice for realtors. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

5 kd63074

Jean & Marc are incredible at what they do. Their knowledge of the market and of the entire process of the real estate transaction were stellar. We were first time buyers and their expertise put us at ease. They were available whenever we needed them, and as a wonderful bonus they were extremely friendly and personable. Jean & Marc are authentic and gained our trust very quickly. They helped us buy our first house and we will always be grateful. We still stay in touch with them! I highly recommend you work with them in your search for your new home.

5 brillob7

Jean and Marc were very proactive in finding me the right apartment. They were very good in providing tips regarding home buying and it helped me a lot as a first time home buyer

5 FirstTimeHomeBuyerss

My husband and I were fantastically lucky to have Marc and Jean Plourde as our agents to buy our first house. These people put their soles and hearts into helping us with the purchase. We couldn’t stop admiring their above-and-beyond customer service as well as their high professionalism. Wise pieces of advice and thorough explanation of each and every question we had, great negotiable skills, prompt responses on all of our inquiries, incredible sense of humor are just a few things that made the process to go easier and smoothly. I can’t tell how much Jean and Marc did for us. They treated us as their friends and were always there where we needed them. This wonderful couple will listen to your needs and will help you to get what you want. It’s been almost a month since we moved into the new house thanks to such awesome agents as Marc and Jean. If you are still in doubt about choosing an agent – just contact them and your dreams will come true:)

5 cabra7

Jean and Marc where fantastic in helping us sell our home. They valued our home for the correct price and sold for full value. Informed us on every aspect of the process and was with us all they way till the closing .

5 sheenab riley

Jean and Marc were wonderful. They stuck with us for 2 years looking for a home until we finally found one. They were honest, knowledgeable, resourceful, fair, informative, professional, accommodating and were always putting our needs first. We were first time home buyers so they definitely helped us along in the process from beginning to the end. Working with them was so easy and made things less stressful than it already was. Their whole team was awesome. I would recommend them to any and every one I know looking for a home. Thanks so much Jean and Marc! It’s been a pleasure working with you both!

5 hiltonjunk

Both Jean & Marc were wonderful to work with. They answered my questions immediately and guided me through the process every step of the way. I highly recommend them.

5 zuser20140223075739067

I am honored to have Jean and Marc as my broker. They are very helpful, very proactive and have strong knowledge about all the questions I have during the researching and purchasing of my condo. They provide honest and useful tips and advice on how should I prepare my mortgage, what do I need to look for when purchasing a condo, what do I need to before closing, etc. They are truly 5 stars team!

5 kaitlyn coles

Jean and Marc were very helpful during our homesearch process. They were very knowledgeable of the area we were looking at and were willing to go above and beyond for us. Very good at getting back to us quickly with answers to questions we had.

5 milesng

If there were a “Ten Stars” rating system, Jean & Marc totally earned it. Jean & Marc save the day, when the deal of the sale of my condo fell apart at the last minute, they were quick to find me a new cash buyer thus enabling me to proceed on the purchase of my new house. Not only did they quickly find a new buyer but they also worked hard to save the deal on the purchase of my house. They really came through in a very difficult situation.

5 user1957784

We had a very positive experience working with Jean and Marc. They are very knowledgeable and were extremely responsive throughout. Calls and emails were always returned quickly, usually in minutes. We found our house quicker than expected and closed quickly. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

5 zuser20150312130043184

As a first time home buyer I went into this not knowing much of anything about buying a home. Jean and Marc were incredible helpful throughout the whole process providing us with information on the process and recommendations for lenders, home inspectors and all of our other needs. There were a lot of factors that went into our negotiations and Jean went back forth with the us and the sellers as many times as was necessary to work out all the details for us. We fell in love with the house and Jean and Marc went above and beyond to make sure that the sale went through for us and we will be forever grateful for that!!

5 zuser20150318072453207

When I happened upon Jean and Marc Plourde and contacted them in regards to purchasing a house, little did I know that it would be akin to buying the winning lottery ticket. I cannot say enough about how amazing it was to work with this couple. I’m a first time home buyer and new to the area. They took so much time and care to explain every detail of the process and offer advice where they could. We communicated for months before I was ready to purchase, and they worked arduously to help me capture my perfect home. 100% respectful of my budget. They were straightforward, honest, incredibly responsive, and pure joy to work with. The selling realtor even commended them and told me how hard they worked for me. They were able to recommend a lender, lawyer, and insurance agent for me during the process, each of whom was incredible in their own right. The whole process was effortlessly smooth. I would 110% recommend Jean and Marc Plourde to anyone looking for a realtor. From our very first contact to our very last, I was given the utmost care, time, and assistance with the purchase of my home and the making of such a grand investment. It was like winning the lottery, selecting these two as my realtors.

5 emilyfanaras

Jean and Marc were great! They helped us sell our condo in North Quincy and buy our house in Quincy. They even were able to get the closing for both properties on the same day so that we were never without a home. We highly recommend them.

5 cpbrunner

I made my first purchase with Jean and Marc, and I could not have asked for a better team. They are knowledge, diligent, and are there to serve their customer. They are a model for other real estate agents to follow! If you want a seamless and easy process from search to close, they are your agents. Highly recommended!

5 MeiWang7

Hands down, Jean is the BEST Agent!!! My brother is purchasing a house at MA, and we are getting close to closing! My family is from China, and we are not fluent in English. We started house hunting about 6 months ago, and then decided to delay the purchase at one point. But when we reconvene our search, I immediately decided to call Jean instead of anyone else. I only communicated with her once through the phone at the first time, but I was so impressed by her caring attitude. Now it is about the time to closing, I have to say that we are blessed and grateful to have Jean as our agent. From the very beginning until now, Jean and Marc have been providing remarkable customer services. She is patient, knowledgeable, and caring. She takes care of us like taking care of a family of her. Jean always takes her time to explain every little details to ensure that we fully understand everything. She is always available to answer any questions. Furthermore, Jean recommended great lawyer/lender, which helped to build an all-star team for us. I am so impressed by her effectiveness and hard-work, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all she have done for my family. Even though this is the first time we have Jean as our agent, but I can trust her like she is a great friend of mine! Her customer service is way beyond the business. I highly recommend Jean to anyone, regardless you speak English or not, and I can promise that you will not find any other agent like her!

5 user8513434

Jean and Marc were wonderful. Being a first time homebuyer, I had lots (and I mean lots) of questions about the home buying process. They answered every single one and responded to all phone calls and emails within minutes.

5 vfamador617

Jean and Marc are amazing! They are very knowledgeable and responsive! We are first time home buyers and it was important to have a real good agent especially during a hot market! Jean an Marc are the best and we highly recommend them to everyone!

5 sarahonofri

If you are looking for an incredible real estate team, look no further than Jean and Marc! When I began my home buying search this past summer, I was lucky enough to stumble across Jean and Marc on Zillow, and after reading their glowing reviews, decided that they seemed like a team that I could trust. I’m now just a week away from closing on my first home and I know I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for Jean and Marc. As a first time homebuyer, they were always willing to answer my many questions, always responding nearly instantly via email, call, or text. When we went to see properties, they took time to discuss with me before and after, working to find the home that was right for me. When we did find my dream home, Jean and Marc acted fast and were on top of every step in the process. As we moved through the process, it was great that Jean and Marc had so many people they trust that they referred to me to be on our homebuying team — from choosing a mortgage to finding insurance to finding a lawyer — it all made doing my job as the homebuyer so much easier. Not only that but Jean and Marc have such positive open lines of communication with everyone involved that I knew everything was being taken care of. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about these two — they are two incredible and kind people who happen to be amazing at what they do.

5 user5785667

Marc and Jean are the best! I could not be happier working with them as a first home buyer. They were so helpful finding the right places, arranging for viewings and recommending what to look for in a home right until I closed the deal. They connected me to the right parties in the transaction and helped me find a great home loan program. What sets them apart is their honesty and commitment to me as their customer. I could contact them at any point in the day to answer my questions. They made the complex process relatively simpler for me. I highly recommend Marc and Jean to any potential home buyer/seller.

5 sealy daisy

Jean and Marc were the best real estate agents I ever worked with. This is a true labor of love for them and it really shows. If you need help in real estate I would highly recommend you contact them immediately. They work extremely hard for you. They also create a wonderful internet presence for you.

5 kami cross88

Marc and Jean were great! Very responsive and helpful without being condescending to first time home buyers! They were always willing to meet around our schedule which was fabulous.

5 katie cross88

Jean and Marc were very quick and responsive from the beginning. They were speedy and efficient with every part of the home buying process, while not being aggressive in trying to sell us something – which was a balance that was very nice as a first time home buyer. They were also very good at helping explain the steps of the process to someone who had never done it before. Helpful and quick from start to finish!

5 wincywc

Jean & Marc are very professional and helpful. They helped me out with all the questions and I love my new home! I would recommend to all my friends and family to use Jean & Marc in the future

5 zuser20151203154733559

Fantastic service – very friendly, incredibly responsive, and really flexible. Responds to emails in a very short period of time. Knows the industry incredibly well, and works very hard on your behalf. We were first-time-home-buyers and they were very happy to answer questions and take us through the process. Highly recommend!

5 ebost1981

Jean & Marc were wonderful to work with during the purchase of our house. They were supportive, knowledgeable, and very communicative. Quick to respond to emails and phone calls. Guided us every step of the way. Highly recommend!


Jean and Marc were awesome agents. They were always available to get us in the house fast so that we would not miss our chance to see and perhaps make an offer. This is extremely important in today’s fast selling markets. They negotiated the price for us and took us through every step. As first time home buyers this was very important to us. We always knew what we had to do, what is coming next, right up to the closing and made sure we had enough time to plan for everything. Highly Recommend.

5 blockre

We purchased our first home with the help of Jean and Marc. They were knowledgeable and very helpful. Both Jean and Marc were available whenever we needed them – always responding to phone calls and emails immediately! We are thankful to have met them!

5 lesliechuynh

We recently purchased our first home through Jean and Marc. They were very quick to respond to our emails and calls and were very accommodating to our schedule. They were also very knowledgeable about the area and about the home buying process in general. The process was very smooth for us. We definitely recommend Jean and Marc.

5 lh sweetpea

Jean and Marc are amazing. My fiancé and I are first time homebuyers and our wants and needs kept changing so we were definitely not the easiest to work with, but they were always very understanding and accommodating. As first time homebuyers, we did not know too much about real estate and Jean and Marc were always readily available to answer any questions we had to ensure every decision we made was an informed one. They are also extremely responsive and on top of things. I would definitely recommend them!

5 zuser20150621211429808

Jean and Marc are the most helpful RE agent I’ve ever had. They are very patient for first time home buyers like me and my wife. I literally ask questions all the time and they are always there to help me no matter how late it is. They had great knowledge base, and they always consider my needs as priority. I feel very comfortable and rely on them all the way when I shop for home. Thanks to them, we brought our dream home in Braintree. I definitely recommend these two interest couple to all the home buyers.

5 Yujia Wang002

Jean and Marc are the best buyer agents I have ever met. They are very patient and helpful. They will answer all your questions and give you appropriate advises. It was my great pleasure to work with them. They really helped me a lot to find my current home. Don’t be hesitate to contact them. They helped me and they’ll help you as well!

5 zuser20160517084133061

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jean and Marc in the purchase of my new condo. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable from day one and throughout the entire home buying process. The two of them together are an amazing team to work with if you are planning on purchasing a home. They do everything they can to make this process as stress free and easy for you.

5 riverlloyd

Worked with Jean and Marc to help me find a property. Their knowledge about the various markets is vast as is their real estate knowledge which was very helpful in achieving my goals. They were able to discuss the pros and cons which helped me make an informed decision and make the right choices. I highly recommend Jean & Marc for all your real estate needs.

5 Andrew Fed

Thankfully, we found our first house with Jean and Marc. As demanding as I am, I could ask Marc to show any property, (even the ones out of our scope or budget), and call Jean any time of the day, – we NEVER heard NO. Jean and Marc are very talented to learn their client fast and to tailor an individual approach for each personality (things needed to be liked by husband & wife simultaneously, which at some moments seemed impossible!!!). I RECOMMEND!

5 zuser20151021074810411

From the first call ( still at the stage of going through pre approval) I realized Jean is my broker: shares tiniest detail, never pushy if you have doubts, etc. On top of that Jean and Mark have a valuable professional network, built through decades of experience: lawyers, bankers, insurers and many more! She went above and beyond to solve our “private way” urgent question with a friendly advise TO NEVER GIVE UP)! And it worked) with them it always works)! I do recommend!

5 oconno2mich

Jean and Marc were incredibly helpful in assisting us in buying our first home. They paid great attention to detail and were able to answer any and all questions we had with transparency and professionalism and went above and beyond in ensuring our home-buying experience was easy and painless. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jean and Marc to anyone looking to purchase a house.

5 zhoufengbma

very nice and patient questions are well answered and explained I spent a long time to look for a good place and they showed me quite a few. They didn’t push me to make any decision which I like. Would like to work with them again if I want to sell or buy.

5 zuser20170225110542580

Thank you both for the extremely detailed and informed assistance you provided to help me and my boyfriend buy our home in Quincy, MA. Jean and Marc are the absolute best with such a well-developed understanding of the market and neighborhoods. Your attention to detail and persistence in finding exactly what we wanted/needed is much appreciated. The process was seamless and your negotiation skills were such a bonus! We could not be happier and could not have done this without you both! Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you again!! If you are ready this and looking for a team who will do everything in their power to fulfill your housing needs – look no further than Jean & Mark Plourde!

5 dtemuri

Fantastic pair! Huge thanks to Jean and Marc for helping me find my new home in Quincy, MA. Your service was exceptional and I can not thank you enough for all of your knowledge and patience. I could not have found my home without you both! I highly recommend Jean and Marc Plourde!!!

5 rtamulionis08

Very helpful, patient people. Worked very hard for us, absolutely recommend. Worked late nights and weekends to get everything done in a timely manner.

5 zuser20150326211148919

Jean and Marc are the greatest agent I have ever met. They are professional and patient, they care the details, which makes each closing success. What’s impressed me the most is that I had a question one day at midnight, I sent a text message to Jean, did not expect to reply, but she replied immediately. Not many agent out there can do the same. highly recommended.

5 soufee0922

Jean and Marc are extremely helpful in the entire process. Just like other first time home buyers, we always have many questions. Jean and Marc took the time and effort to explain all the details, and they are always prompt to answer all of our questions. I would recommend they to anyone who signed up for first class, knowledgeable and dedicated real estate professionals to assist with their home buying!

5 chenny515

Marc and Jean were always very helpful, responsive, and honest. This was useful for a first time homebuyer like me. We searched for 7months for a home in a very hot market. They were very flexible and worked very hard to get me the house!

5 RickeyIshida

Jean and Marc were a pleasure to work with. They helped us see multiple homes in a span of a year, and worked with us patiently as we sought our perfect home. They even went as far as to ask our Mortgage provider to include a personal letter in our offer letter, and it helped us secure our dream home. They also have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and can guide you when it comes to neighborhoods and what’s a realistic offer.

5 bryonmyers

Jean and Marc have been the best with our home search! They are incredibly quick to respond, provide lots of helpful information and always willing to work with our schedule. As a first time home buyer, things can be very overwhelming but Jean and Marc have an excellent team to make this a lot less stressful! Highly recommend them!

5 zuser20170530151327597

I had an Excellent experience purchasing my home with Jean and Marc. Jean is very personable and understood our dire need to close in a very short time, (2 months from the day we found our property online). She prevented a bidding war by acting swiftly with the seller’s agent and It was a pleasure working with her team.

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