Jean & Marc Plourde


We work as a team. We enjoy putting the right person with the right home and seeing the look of joy on their face when they find the right home.

We are always happy to talk about real estate so we welcome questions.

One of our specialties is relocation. Whether you are relocating to this area or somewhere in the USA or even internationally we would like the chance to offer our services.

Marc: “Prior to getting into the Real Estate business, I was a personal wealth manager for almost 20 years. For the first five years of building my business, I concentrated most of my efforts on getting new clients. I did this until the fifth year when I lost many clients. I asked myself, why? Then I came to realize that I wasn’t taking good care of my existing clients. From then on, my business went steadily up. I accumulated $75 million of assets under management. The key is to give top notch service to your existing clients. If you do, you get referrals. Any successful business will tell you that 70% of their new clients come from referrals. When I sold my business to a colleague, and had to explain the particulars of each client, I was amazed. They were all referrals!”

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